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My husband and I bought our Yorkie in August 2012.  We firstly want to say thank you SO much for giving us the opportunity to buy him. He is such a huge part of our lives, he brings us so much joy and we feel so blessed to have him! He is beautiful, healthy and so much fun! We are also thinking about getting a brother for him. Again, THANK YOU so much for we hope to see you again very soon! These are the best Yorkie puppies for sale in Arizona
Susan - Chandler, AZ

My boyfriend and I got him for each other for Christmas. He is the LOVE of my life!!! He was the BEST christmas present I could ever ask for. When we went to pick him up, I was impressed with the organization and cleanliness of it all. You were so kind and professional, I felt very good getting through you. Fuji has stole my heart, he is playful and so loving. He is now potty trained, because he was already partially potty trained when we got him. He is so friendly and listens so well. I would strongly recommend using Yorkiematch. I actually have had many questions about where I got him because of how adorable he is and his great behavior and I am proud to promote Getting him was the best decision I have ever made!
Kathy - Scottsdale, AZ


I wanted to write this review of I cannot thank Yorkiematch enough! Katie has been a fabulous addition to our family. She makes us laugh everyday with her antics. Our other dogs are her playground. Katie is at 3.2lbs and is an absolute dream.


My husband & I went to to buy a puppy to add to our family. To my surprise, we not only bought a new puppy but we were so impressed with their home, we ended up bringing two puppies home! These pups have stolen our hearts!! We took both pups to the vet today for a routine check up, Both pups are in great health :). Thank you for making our family complete, these puppies are previous & adorable, I would recommend to anyone!! They have been very professional & have followed up on our puppies' health & any questions that we may have. 5+stars


My boyfriend and I had been searching for the perfect playmate for our Maltese, and we found her! We got Sophie a year ago from you and she is just amazing! Thank you so much for giving us such a sweet, well-behaved baby. We were struggling finding a good breeder, trying to not get scammed, but with your easy communication and support we felt good about everything. Sophie is the perfect mix between being playful and calm. She rarely barks and is so fun!


I Just wanted to express how happy i was with your service totally exceeded all my expectations. this is the first time i actually paid for a dog, but i must say the the customer service was awesome, the transaction was great. knowing where the dog comes from and knowing that i can reach you with a phone call if needed definitely gives me a peace of mind. I've just been showing off our dog every where we go and we happily tell people we got it at! yorkie phoenix pets dogs & puppies

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  Tracy Calleo
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
 I bought my Roxy around June 2008 I can't say enough about what an awesome dog this is she got to be about 2 1/2 pounds probably three now she's getting a little fatter as she gets older she is so sweet loves children of all ages  she has never growled snipped or bit anybody doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  Just the most affectionate loving little thing she never could bark though too tiny 
  Kisha Carter
Monday, September 26, 2016
It was a pleasure to adopt a yorkie from Yorkiematch. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for such a memorable experience. I bought the puppy as a sweet 16 gift for my daughter and Little Princeton has adjusted great. I thank you for making this such a great experience for me and my family.  Kisha Carter  Avondale, AZ
  Joady Shapiro
Sunday, February 14, 2016
        Today is our puppy PIPPIN's First Birthday
        After having yorkies most of my life...I had to have just one more.
        We picked PIPPIN up on February 22, 2015 and she has been a
        challange and a pleasure.  She is about 4 lbs...full of feist and gives
        kisses but is slowly ruling the house.  The other dogs adore her and
        out vet said it is rare to find such a healthy puppy. (Good breeding!)
        Thanking you Jason....she is a pleasure...
        Best, Joady and David Shapiro
  Jay and Joann
Thursday, September 10, 2015
I wanted to take a minute and Thank Jason Hill and Yorkie Match for our Healthy Happy Fur Babies Cami and Leo. Cami was our 1st Yorkie from Yorkie Match December 2015 Leo came home today September 2016.  Jason has become an important part of our family. When we got Cami it was Christmas time and busy crazy busy. Jason told us how fragile this breed is in the initial adjustment period. He strongly recommended to keep her environment calm. They need TLC. Due to my over zealousness  she did get stressed and stopped her eating pattern and her blood sugar dropped. This is soooooo common in this breed when young. Jason was right and I will be patient with LEO. Cami has always been happy and healthy ( vet checked). Jason has been a valuable resource thru our early adventure with Cami  due to his families YEARS of breeding when I decided to add another Yorkie to our family ( they grab your heart fast) Jason/ Yorkie match was my first call! I was thrilled to find out he had two boys to choose a brother for Cami.. i reccommend Yorkie Match 100% they are an honest experienced breeder. They love these puppies and socialize them in a home environment. Cami and Leo both have had the best start in life .... I believe this is why Cami is such an amazing dog and I look forward to getting to know Leo. Thanks again Jason
  Elaine Vaughn
Friday, December 5, 2014
Four months ago we bought a male yorkie from Jason Hill.  He is such a fun puppy.  He carries my shoes all over but does not chew on them . The puppy is very healthy and full of energy.  We decided one was not enough and of course went back to Jason.  He is always available to answer questions about the dogs even months after purchasse.  He spent a lot of time with us and answered all our questions.  He has a lot of knowledge about Yorkies.  I would recommend him if you are looking for a quality dog who is loved and raised in their home.  
  Angela Pera
Sunday, July 3, 2011
I would just like to say that my husband & I have been looking for a teacup and we came across we did not know what to expect at first then we met Jason and his babies we thaught Jason was GREAT,  All our questions and any concerns that we had Jason answered for us so with that we feel so blessed to not only have our baby but to have met Jason,In the next few weeks we will be bringing home a playmate for our Huni we would not think about buying another dog from anybody but THANK YOU JASON 
  mary sterhardt
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I bought a boy a couple of weeks ago. I'm living in an assistant living in Sun City West. He sleeps in bed with me every night.
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
When my husband brought my yorkie home for me on my birthday I was so happy and now she is doing great and i love her!! I would like to give a shout out to this breeder. This was the best decision I have ever made.

      Madisyn Yuma,Arizona